1 A master concept work 24 lush and gorgeous tracks that will transform your day into an experience of peace and tranquility.. 2 CD set $15.00
2. The past is all new, the enigmatic stated intent of this body of work. Favorites from long ago combined with new songs created to blend with the past and create a pleasant and present euphoria. 2CD Set $15.00
3.Choose Me, the title of this musical smorgasbord is amply amplified by its lead song "Women Want Romance" as the umbrella which everything fits under.. $10.00
4 The musical life of Josephine Baker, a black American expatriate who started in France and went on to be a worldwide icon.. DVD/CD $15.00
7. It Rocks- Adventures in the tempo of the times in the areas most favored by aficionados of the beat - Sex, Love, Dance & Rock & Roll. $10.00
8. Aim To Please spans the spectrum of human emotion as felt by a young woman in today's world from the elation of romance and joy of life, to despair and suicide. $10.00
5. The flavors of the islands, Africa, S.E.Asia, the soul and rhythm of America and the lyrical melodic overtones of Europe & Latin America. Gwen For Christmas gives you all that $10.00
6. You can take the girl out of the country, but you can't the country out of the girl. A country music delight thats new. $10.00.
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