She was called a cross between Diana Ross,Tina Turner and a "Hurricane" by the Australian press. Considered a great live performer by all who saw her around the globe. She was not dependent upon electronic gimmicks or "performance enhancing substances", She just lifted your spirits and made you feel good with talent and sincere, total commitment. She is a well rounded entertainer who sings, dances, acts, and bonds with the audience in her high energy outpourings and joy oriented shows. She is 5'8", 135 lbs, solid, toned and has been said to have "better legs than Tina". Clean-cut, athletic; she is either a throwback or a step forward, depending on how you see it. An alternative well worth trying. Sexy but not vulgar, funny but not obnoxious or lewd, talented but not indulgent - A delight to watch!
She has across the board appeal and limitless possibilities. A degree in dance and theatre arts qualifies her dancing from "ballet to boogie" and singing from "Broadway to Muscle Shoals". She gains love and respect from her fans with honest effort that produces great results. She credits Beyonce, who ascended while she was on hiatus, to be the modern queen of today's version of the mode she pioneered with inspiration from Tina and Madonna. She is gracious in her compliments of today's young headliners, but has every confidence that she can finish what she started by reasserting herself in today's competition . Gwen hails from the Columbus, Ohio and after graduation she migrated to Los Angeles, meeting show producer, John Daniels, who saw something exceptional in her style and lack of self consciousness and knew exactly what to do with it. He honed and shaped her into a dynamic singer, dancer, entertainer, who would enjoy worldwide success. He produced a great 12 piece, dazzling, high energy show around her that was an instant hit. Starting in Mexico, she next toured Scandinavia and Europe on her way to headlining in over 50 countries around the world (on all continents) in the ensuing years. She's done countless TV shows, starred in major stage productions and enjoyed international record success-highlighted by a gold album, which contained the single hit "They Let Mandela Go", No#1 in South Africa and a few European countries. She is now focusing her highly developed performance capacity and energies, excited to reassert herself. Her experience has been very unique and is worthy of great respect. She gave up a highly successful worldwide career to personally direct the recovery of her husband from a major stroke. With him now healthy and back to writing and developing special material for her, in conjunction with writer, Bernard Rollins, including their #1 project, a full length stage musical with 22 great original songs called "JO", on the life of iconic entertainer Josephine Baker, to whom she has often been compared. She looks forward to the immediate future with great expectations.
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